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Well, we had 14 hungry teams, 28 people total for our Big Bass tourney at Monticello today.  I say hungry because we ate 8 packages of Hot Dogs and buns and 2 packages of Hot Links.  Thanks to everybody who brought the food and drinks and thanks to FLEX for cooking it.

No overs were caught and some struggled to find the dinks.  Ben and I stayed under the bridge all day and had 27 total fish but only one was in the slot - barely - and we had only one other one over 13 inches. ALL of the rest were 8 to 10 inches.  We did MUCH better the day after Thanksgiving.  All of ours were on a drop shot rig and most with W/R zoom finesse worms.

Here are the results:

Johnatan Davis - Les Wells  1.85 lbs  $280

Casey Nation - Weldon Nutt 1.75

3 at 1.65, 2 at 1.55, 1 each at 1.5, 1.45 and 1.4  and 4 didn't weigh.

All in all a good time.